Global Cosmetics Sanitizer & Alcohol Spray help kill 99.9% of all germs and keep body and spaces clean.  Made with the latest formula ingredients.  Helping to protect your family from illness by helping prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. Our unique formula is proven to kill 99.9%* of bacteria and viruses. Simple, fast and effective, with no need for soap or water, it’s a great hygiene solution for people needing on the go protection, whilst leaving your hands feeling refreshed & non-sticky


Many studies have found that sanitizers with an alcohol concentration between 60–95% are more effective at killing germs than those with a lower alcohol concentration or non-alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers without 60-95% alcohol

1) may not work equally well for many types of germs; and

2) merely reduce the growth of germs rather than kill them outright.


The steps for hand sanitizer use are based on a simplified procedure recommended by CDC. Instructing people to cover all surfaces of both hands with hand sanitizer has been found to provide similar disinfection effectiveness as providing detailed steps for rubbing-in hand sanitizer.


Alcohols destroy disease-causing agents, or pathogens, by breaking apart proteins, splitting cells into pieces or messing with a cell’s metabolism, according to a 2014 review published in the journal Clinical Microbiology Reviews. Solutions with as little as 30% alcohol have some pathogen-killing ability, and the effectiveness increases with increasing alcohol concentration. Studies have shown that alcohol kills a more broad variety of bacteria and viruses when the concentration exceeds 60%, and it works faster as the concentration increases. But the effectiveness of alcohol seems to top out at about a 90-95% concentration.

Trend / Analysis

When it comes to hand sanitizer, there are two types of people. Some of us have kept a little bottle in our bag for a decade, while others only associate it with hospitals and doctors. Whichever camp you fall into, the bottom line is that we want to stay as healthy as possible.


Hand sanitizers are designed to kill bacteria and viruses that cause infection. In order for hand sanitizers to be effective, you need to use enough to fully cover the entire hands and fingers. After applying, rub your hands together for about 20 seconds and let them dry fully.

How we do it

At Global Cosmetics we care about keeping you safe and healthy, therefore we have added Centella, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to our formulation as we know hand sanitizer can be drying, in this way we can help the skin to restore hydration and improve the skin’s moisture barrier.


Our expertise and knowledge about healthcare raw materials and healthy innovative products help us to create a 100% safe formulation to use for all ages. We use the best raw materials under the latest sourcing techniques and our R&D and marketing team have the most updated knowledge about packaging and market trends to create a product that is healthy and useful.


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Global Cosmetics CE Certificate Hand Sanitizer
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Global Cosmetics FDA Certificate Hand Sanitizer

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