Comprehensive formula library that complies with China’s cosmetic regulations (for domestic sales) and EU standards (for export), all shelf-stable products at competitive prices.

Filed more than 10 special cosmetic formulas for sale domestically, mainly in whitening and sun protection products.

Our cosmetic patents include 1 moisturizing and anti-wrinkling formula, 2 microcrystalline formulas, and 10 patents on Chinese herbal formulas.




Top managements expanding the network to research authorities, clinical laboratories, and associations to collect new market and raw materials ideas, such as (HKSCC, affiliate of IFSCC, GZ Landproof Skin Research Centre..

Constant meeting with marketing departments to brain storm new product idea and package to set up new development projects once evaluated feasible

New raw materials and Innovation team will attend exhibitions and seminar to collect new raw materials information. She will screen out some useful materials for R&D internal sharing and training, and also liase supplier with major customer for presentation for innovative material and application project, eg. BASF with client holding “Dr. Thomson” brand



In past 10 years, we successfully developed with good market feedback for below new product with new formulation and/or package.

  1. BB cream in different package, such as multicolor swirling, sponge puff ~ 3 million/year
  2. Full lip care line with majority certified organic raw materials for Manuka Bee & Limi ~ 6 million/year
  3. Sleeping Mask for sephora (10 style, paraben free, which launched to Global Market like U.S.A/ France/Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand/India/ etc…) ~ 3 million/year
  4. Aerosol cleansing mousse (defoam quickly on oily skin or with make up) ~ 1 million/year


Sample Preparation: Includes Fluko and Primix homogenizers, IKA mixers.

Test Equipment to Establish Quality Standards: Brookfield viscometers, Sartorius pH meter, centrifuges, etc.

Formula Verification: Includes stability and compatibility testing and a cold cycle oven

Scientific Research Equipment: Nikon inverted microscope Eclipse TE-2000U-for observing emulsified particles.

Skin Testing and Usage Testing Equipment: Including subjective evaluation, patch test, and using instruments to analyze skin moisture, oil content, pigment and elasticity with a CK skin tester.