At Global Cosmetics, we try our best to serve everyone. From small entrepreneurs to multinational enterprises, we make sure your goals and dreams are achievable by trusting our capabilities and the skills of our team. These are the most common questions for multinational to start-up businesses that want to start partnering and creating their products with us. 



Yes, we are certified by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), which is the national accreditation Institution of China that is recognized internationally and responsible for accrediting laboratories and inspection bodies. Furthermore, by obtaining this accreditation, we have a safe production and quality management process. All of our inhouse laboratories have the highest testing standards. You can see all our Certifications and Standards here

We have three options to help develop your products:  

  • Products made from scratch: also called “bespoke” in our business model . These are products where formulation, packaging, and labeling are entirely new that we haven’t commercialized yet. For these kinds of products, it usually requires our team to do pure innovation or reverse engineer a benchmark. total lead time to production often takes anywhere from 6 to 9 months (depending on the difficulty) to complete as we need to conduct stability tests for the new formulation.

  • Products off the shelf: also called “in-house formulas” in our business model (Off The Shelf). These are products we have developed and have commercialized. These product formulations have completed stability tests and can be used as a base to create other cosmetics, such as adding different fragrance scent or active ingredients. Lead time to production usually takes 2 to 4 months after samples are approved.


  • Products outsourced: some products that we could not manufacture in-house, we will outsource it with our partner suppliers. Strategically located in the southern part of China and Korea, we are at the center of the beauty supply chain ecosystem. Our substantial experience in sourcing includes powders, makeup pencils, and other beauty products. Our company consists of professionals in our QC team and sourcing team, who understand the market needs and the quality that fits your needs.  Lead time to production usually takes 2 to 3 months after samples are approved.

MOQ starts at 10,000 units per formulation on the Lip range. You can choose to manufacture two shades (5,000 per color) or five shades (2,000 each shade of the same color). For skincare and foundation, our MOQ starts at 10,000 units per packaging style and per formulation type. For other color cosmetics (shadows, lip liners, eyeliner, brow pen, blush sets) MOQ start at 12,000 in packaging of 1g to 3 g. Please check our product page for a complete list of products, and their requirements “Here 


  • MOQs are not negotiable as these minimum quantities needed for our machines to work* 

Absolutely! Our full one-stop service develops ideas with your brand and all the way through to production. Whatever you need, we have you covered. We work to ensure that your products, formulations and brand work together to say what you want to say. To better serve you we encourage partners to provide us with brief materials, and references (Photos, articles, product descriptions, etc.) for maximum clarity in discovering your brand

Yes, we currently work with many UKEU and North America based customers as well as customers in India and Southeast Asia. We are always eager to expand our markets and explore new beauty cultures with you. We usually work on a FOB term, sending the finished products to your nearest port on your desired city.  

Depends on your delivery preference (by air or by ship) and expected lead time, our project management team always makes sure we beat deadlines, and our products shipped on time base on our set critical path. Our samples are FedEx for your approval. We also help review and organize all paperwork needed for both parties to guarantee smooth shipment and arrival of your finished goods.  

Yes. Almost all products out there can be reverse-engineered. Based on our company value, we encourage customers to create their authentic products; it can be by adding different key active ingredients or changing scent on the formula. We understand that hit product sells, so we take in benchmarks, but we also value and respect other brand’s intellectual and cosmetic properties.  

Yes. We have a highly educated team of experts in cosmetic chemistry. Customer can give us their ingredient, ideas, nominated source, or the ingredient theme. We have close relationships with the world-renounce raw material suppliers. Therefore, we can achieve the formulation you want. If you have your own patented formulation and just need a partner to help do the finished products, we have worked with many brands with this request and understand the process to accommodate the needs. 

Customer can always send their own packaging to our factory facilities for filling. It is requested for customers that want to send their own packaging to meet our formulation MOQ per Kg. If you are interested in our MOQ per kg to provide your packaging to develop your products, please write to us at 

Customers can buy in bulk formulations. If you are interested in sourcing in bulk formulations, please write to us at 

Yes, our company provides full service. We have a skillful team of product designers and creatives in-house. Customers are encouraged to give us their idea of the theme or packaging, such as the color, material, or any other references for us to have a smooth discussion, so that our team can provide you want you are looking. 

We can source most of the packaging in the market as we have a department dedicated to sourcing. It is essential to know that unique packaging shapes tend to have a high MOQ compared to the most common packaging. Also, most packaging from famous brands out there are mostly privately molded, and suppliers usually signed exclusivity to the brands. To replicate a unique packaging requires tooling fees, which can be costly depending on the material and the number of components. We can always develop or source any shapes and styles of packaging for you based on the budget and mutual discussion.  

Our prices are not fixed as every product’s packaging, formulation, label and outlook is different. We do not do wholesale. As a leading cosmetic manufacturer, we are professionals in product development and innovation. For this reason, we do not have a fixed cost. If you are a start-up and want to start with us, you can fill your information here at 

We recommend to brands and customers that are new to the beauty market to start with one hero product that represents the brand. Also, having a financial business plan is vital for us. If you know your retail price, we can give you a clearer idea of the packaging, formula, and style of your product. If you are a mature brand or company, we look forward to introducing you to our innovations based on a product you want to develop or products we are currently developing. You can fill your inquiry here at 

For a new business that we haven’t worked with, our process is divided into two stages: development and manufacture.    Before the development stage, we make sure brands and companies have all the requirements to kick off their project. This includes an approved preliminary quotation (the approximate cost of the finished product) and the project scope (product brief, launch time, agreed lead time). After this is settled, we sign an engagement contract for the project kick off.     During the development stage, customers will confirm the final formulation, packaging, and labelling samples. The customer submits 50% of the payment after verifying the approved sample and 50% after the product is completed and before shipping.     For repeating customers or mature cosmetic brands that have their way of working, we are open to discuss the terms before our project kick-off. 

We are more than open for brands and customers to sign NDA with us. When it comes to product development, we never share products among customers. We do not do wholesale. Therefore, we do not re-sell the final products from other customers or re-label our customers’ formulations.  

  • NDAs if the customer wishes to.  
  • Engagement letter for one year attached with the preliminary quotation for new customers. We encourage to have this signed first, so we can understand your specific needs first before kick off the project and starting the development of your final product. The engagement letter is mainly a mutual agreement (without any law-binding), between the vendor and buyer, that both parties understand the terms of cooperation and to prevent any disputes or misunderstanding during the next stages. 

Write us to to schedule a visit to our offices in Hong Kong. 

We do all our meetings using, and we encourage our customers to touch base face to face, so we can understand your needs before we provide any product sampling or quotation. We aim for human connection and strong business partnerships, which is why virtual meetings are a must for us.     We are also open to using other meeting tools to connect with mature clients that have their way of working. 

No. We only support our customers with all product safety certifications and documentation needed for customers to do any type of registration.  

  • Wholesale 
  • International Inventory 
  • White label 

We are here for all your business needs and questions.

Please feel free to contact us on your queries and we will get back within 24 hours.