Our OEM ODM lip gloss is created offering you a specialized service when it comes to private labeling or bespoke products. We create lip glosses with fun. Since the movie industry started using glosses to enhance and add color to the women, this item has been a must to plum, shine and moisture the lip skin. Either you want to have some color on your lips without having a strong or intense color on them. Or you want a canvas on your lips to work on.


Lip gloss comes in a liquid or semi-solid state. You can find a wide variety which includes basic, colored, glitter or flavored. In the latest trends, functional formulations like plumping or hydrating are the most innovative features. Many lip glosses are water-resistant and last for a long period of time.  Regardless of the form, these products are all designed to give your lips shine and color. The most basic ingredients are emollients, oils that give lipstick its slick wet texture and shine and they can also contain waxes and clay to provide a drip-free smear-free finish.

At Global, we know that a high-quality lip gloss is based on an outstanding composition of oil and wax. We can offer unique insight about your products. From the concept stage to scaling-up and manufacturing. We nurture your product sharing valuable knowledge while helping you create an exceptional formula.

Trend / Analysis

Nowadays manufacturers and marketers of lip gloss need to develop a more targeted approach to their customers. In order to remain viable as the market is showing strong competition. Balms and glosses are currently competing on almost similar beauty ranges. Furthermore, social media and e-commerce are driving the market to more organic and natural solutions. Data from Mintel shows that lip glosses are preferred by women under 35 who consider themselves young and active. This typology of market persona includes specific interests like staying in shape, looking good and having specific tastes in beauty.

Consumers are now more selective due to the extensive range of lip gloss cosmetics. For that reason, many brands are releasing their own version of sparkly, duo-chrome, holographic or iridescent finishes. The gloss used to be messy and tricky to apply, however, they have come a long way since the early 2000s. For instance, with modern technology and better formulas the market is more creative but yet competitive. 

How we do it

Every formula we create is custom made. Our OEM ODM lip gloss as bespoke or private label style is commitment to bring the best. We are determined to create the best available that your customer can buy. Our R&D offers specialized service when it comes to raw materials and lead time. 

We are confident about the quality and styles that we bring to the table. When formulating glosses we have a wide knowledge of trends in different sectors including new color finishing. We look up to conduct a smooth manufacturing process to bring a lip gloss that will be a winner on every market.

Stages of product-manufacturing


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