Perfume Manufacture

Elegant, natural, simple, and therapeutic. Whether sensual or on business, our perfumes perform with long-lasting clarity of aroma and style. With dynamic bottle design and proven delicious formulas, Global Cosmetics perfume always has you covered.

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OEM/ODM Manufacturing Capabilities

Global Cosmetics endeavors to always use the freshest ingredients in our perfume cocktails. Along with a dynamic appearance, we know how to make a compelling product both inside and out. With attractive packing, incredible sensuous flavors, and natural ingredients, you never have to doubt the quality of your perfume.

Types & Styles


Whether a bouquet of floral scents whipped together for a distinctive but subtle aroma or strong vanilla bean. Excellence never smelled so good.


Masculine, musky, and always smelling your best. Our cologne manufacturing takes the best and makes them smell better.


Whether you need a few hours are all day, our range of perfume concentrate manufacturing has got you covered.

And that’s just a few of our selections. Want to see more?

Our Commitment to Service

We are an ODM/OEM manufacturer with some of the best research teams in the beauty business. Our Bespoke and Off-The-Shelf products come dressed to impressed. Whether it is our quality services and customization or award-winning research and product development, Global Cosmetics has got you covered.

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