Global Cosmetics OEM ODM  lip balm is all about health and conscious products focused on protection, natural ingredients, and good purposes. We produce an exclusive range of lip balms.  Highly in demand in the industry for their ability to fight environmental impurities and protect the lips.  Avoiding harmful ingredients and using  high standards  in long-lasting formulations. Every product has compelling and innovative attributes like repairing, protecting and strengthening.  Also we use cutting-edge raw materials,  useful formulations, natural organic ingredients, trendy colors, different shines and unique shapes. Each product is developed using innovative machines and premium grade materials. Our balms are manufactured to create the right mix of functionality and fashion.


The lip balm history goes back to 1800 when Charles Browne promoted earwax as a beneficial treatment for lip dryness and he start selling it.  Charles invention used to be a must-have for winter and summer. It was created to protect the lips from the extremely high or low temperatures in a stylish way. Since then balms have been mostly a wax-like substance applied on the lips to seal them in order to protect them. Lip balms have always been related to functionality, since they have always been used to treat cracked, dried or sensitive lips.

Trend / Analysis

Currently, there’s a worldwide demand for organic raw materials in the lip balm segment. Almost 75% of the brands in the market develop their products as environment-friendly. Data research shows that customers are spending a high part of their income on balms that are healthy, pharmaceutical or organic.

Markets like India, Australia, Canada or USA are developing more interest in all-natural and functional products. However, keeping it stylish and fun. A quality lip balm must provide convenience, moisturizing formulation and long-lasting properties. In other hands, longer shelf lives and better durability are a must. 

Currently, lip balms are empathized on the unisex marketing promotion. Thanks to the use of social media and internet Lip balms are now considered one of the cheapest development lip care items. 

How we do it

As one of the leading international cosmetic companies, we have the inside scoop on the latest trends. We use consumers preferences and global market insights to give you compelling, innovative and trendy formulations. Global is an experienced product developer with a strong selection of highly qualified chemists. We follow high standard protocols to bring your product to the market quickly and hassle-free. You can trust that your Lip Balm will be manufactured and packaged to your specifications.

Our Global Cosmetics OEM ODM  lip balm filling process utilizes a dedicated filling equipment.  We provide an extended variety of packages from the classic twist-up tube with cap available in a variety of shapes and sizes. We are with you to achieve the perfect formulation  for healthy and smooth lips.

Stages of product-manufacturing


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