What Is It?

We provide our in-house formulation in order to guarantee products that has passed all product safety tests.

How It Works

Our in-house formulation guarantees safe products that have already been tested and ready to go. Customers can pick from our formulation library and amend the texture, fragrance, or color. This business model is perfect for businesses and brands in the market that need products that have already achieved product-market fit and a quick solution to push out your product line.

How We Do It

Most of the cases for our customers at Global Cosmetics have a clear idea of how they want to start their business or expand their product line. In this sense, we help them choose from our formulation library. Once the formulation is selected, customers can pick the packaging, which we can help them source and design.

This business model fits businesses and brands looking for 3-6 months of lead time as our formulas are already gone through stability tests. At the same time, this fits customers looking for products that are successfully sold in the market.

For our off-the-shelf business model, we use our product manufacturing capabilities and R&D strategies to create interesting and innovative in house formulas.


Global Cosmetics off-the-shelf business model is NOT a wholesale procedure. What we own is the intellectual property of the formulations.

Under our off-the-shelf business model customers can only change the characteristics of the product under Global Cosmetics recommended scope.


We are not wholesalers. In this sense, every time we get an inquiry off-the-shelf, we still need to go through the formulation minor adjustments, the sourcing procedure of packaging and label design to create products.

We do not do relabelling or re-sale products created for our customer, as we aim to sell uniquely personalized creativity and trends for each individual business.

Our Services

Our business process include customer service, technical support, packaging engineering, formulation development and testing compliance for cosmetics.
Global Cosmertics OEM Process provides in-house products, finished packaging, pre-done services and high speed delivery to start your own cosmetic brand.
Global cosmetics ODM process provide you excellent service, quality product development and cost-effective project management to create your own cosmetics.
At Global Cosmetics we have a wide range of partners. Our customers include Sephora, NEXT, M&S and several small, medium and big enterprises.

Get in Touch

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