Facial Sheet Mask Manufacturing

Sheet masks are face-shaped sheet fabrics soaked in a nutrition-packed serum. They are made up of a variety of materials including papers or fibers.

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OEM/ODM Manufacturing Capabilities

We offer masks in a variety of materials for varying purposes. Whether to clear acne or shore up complexions. Check out some types below, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more.

Types & Styles

Paper Facial Sheet Mask

Whether to clear acne or shore up complexions, paper is great for cost and universal application. Our OEM mask manufacturing creates the types of masks you need when you need them.

Silk Sheet Mask

A multi-exfoliation mask that plunges deep into your skin’s layers. A silk sheath texture that allows your skin to absorb more ingredients.

Hydro-Gel Facial Sheet Mask

From a jelly-like material (often bio-cellulose) for a pleasing feel on the skin. Often superior to their cotton counterparts with the bonus of cooling and refreshing the face.

And that’s just a few of our selections. Want to see more?

Our Commitment to Service

We are an ODM/OEM manufacturer with some of the best research teams in the beauty business. Our Bespoke and Off-The-Shelf products come dressed to impressed. Whether it is our quality services and customization or award-winning research and product development, Global Cosmetics has got you covered.

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