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As a professional manufacturing leader in the cosmetic industry our services include bespoke products, private label, personalization, OEM and ODM. Global Cosmetics create beauty products in a highly professional way engaging businesses for overseas retailers, small brands and enterprises.  Most importantly we guide you through the cosmetic industry to be conscious and updated on the latest trends.

Our Services

Business Process

Our expertise in cosmetics, body care and bio-tech industries allow us to provide a full portfolio of services. From off-the-shelf formulas to customized packaging our customers’ are always satisfied as we reach their specific needs. In addition, we combine excellent customer service and strong R&D capabilities to provide a wide edge over our peers.

Our Services

ODM Process

Our company legacy is based on the idea that enterprises should grow together with society. And at the same time synergize their beliefs as one big family. We work for customers who have their own exclusive brands. Our capacity to produce multi purpose products, giving customers solid support make us meet and exceed our partners’ expectations. During our ODM service we focus on developing your ideas from a sketch to a finish product. 

Our Services

OEM Process

Individuals at Global firmly believe that entrepreneurship is an important reason for businesses to cooperate and change the industry. We understand that private labeling and personalization are the disruptors of this decade.  For this reason, we have in-house design and off-the-shelf mature formulas. Our designs, color pallets and mood boards allows us to provide you an excellent ODM service. 

Our Services

Customer care is one of our core values. We put customers and partners first. Our real success comes from anticipating, understanding and satisfying their needs. We always keep in mind that helping them to achieve their goals is first. For instance,  we develop their most complex ideas and provide them with great finished products. 

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