In hand with fourth industrial revolution.

Inspired by the factory of the future Global Cosmetics walks in hand with the latest technologies integrating Industry 4.0 systems on the production line.  We are a smart factory with a highly digitized and connected production facility that relies on smart manufacturing. Integrating and thriving using the ultimate systems in our facilities. Solving existing and future problems with open infrastructure. Every solutions to be implemented runs at the speed of business.  Therefore, this is out most competitive edge.

Automatic Barcode System

Global Cosmetics has one of the best real- time automation systems. Tracking and measuring the materials with our barcode system. In case of coding or weighing issues, the system suspends and alarms operator for manual interruption. For instance, employing a well- informed automated system, we facilitate the productivity and the traceability of our production process. 

Automation Machinery

Facing a strong demand on this technology era we increase our facility productivity using the latest automation machinery. Our devices, machines, production lines and factories are connected to diverse systems to extract vital information. In addition, increases efficiency and monitors the production line. Global uses internet of things (IoTs) to create processes where machines and humans work together. This is how we learn and adapt to every market demand.

Big Data Analysis

We believe in smart manufacturing. For this reason we use data collected with smart integration. Glad of providing more holistic value and better connectivity between the human capital and production line. Thinking on a sustainable and strong future, we use big data to compile, store, organize, and analyze many of our in-house processes. Gaining a more clear insight, minimizing the risk of downtime, providing control and data visibility across the entire supply chain.  In conclusion, our data collection is our best partner to streamline and manage all kind of situations in real time.


Global Cosmetics Cosmetic Manufacturer Factory Capabilities

Factory Capabilities

Our factory capabilities are equipped for innovation, automation and smart-factory technologies to run a smooth and safe supply chain.
Global Cosmetics Cosmetic Manufacturer Factory Of The Future Industry 4.0

Factory Of The Future Industry 4.0

Inspired by the factory of the future Global Cosmetics walks in hand with the latest technologies integrating Industry 4.0 systems on the production line.
Global Cosmetics Cosmetic Manufacturer Recreational areas - Social & Recreational Facilities

Social & Recreational Facilities

Global Cosmetics Facilities is located at our factory. There are several sport activities, recreational areas,and comfortable dormitories for all the staff.
Global Cosmetics Cosmetic Manufacturer Production Process

Production Process

Global Cosmetics production process is divided in 5 critical stages. From acceptance of raw material to delivery we assure a smooth cosmetic manufacture.

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