Social & Recreational Facilities

Global Cosmetics facilities are located at our factory. There are several sport grounds, recreational areas,and comfortable dormitories for all staff. We acknowledge that all humans need wellness at the work space, for this reason we provide safe and good facilities to our collaborators. Located in our Dongguan Factory, our facility is wide in space and we care about human labor laws. Also, we look carefully to compensate our employees fairly by providing packages comprising wages and benefits.


All social and recreational areas, including the canteen and dormitories, are totally separated from the factory site. There are 2 dormitory buildings (1 for men and 1 for women) providing personal storage, bathing and laundering facilities, so that workers can have comfortable rest in full size single beds.


The staffs dormitory is located in a shared garden area.  There are basket ball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, table tennis area, gymnasium area, and barbecue area in the gardens.  Also, it has a football field, where we hold team activities and sport competitions, besides the football games. All spaces are open to all staffs and workers.

Two  to  three   staffs will share the living space, with individual bed room inside of a well-designed dormitory. Each apartment includes a kitchen, bathroom and common living room. The living room is equipped with basic living equipment such as  cooking facility, TV, and air conditioning.


At Global we value people, so we care about our staff’s well being. Our idea of the best working environment is a healthy, recreational and open place. Where each person can leverage and improve not only their career but also their personal, physical and intellectual goals. For instance, Global Cosmetics facilities have adapted spaces for recreational and social activities, with areas that allows our staff to exercise, interact and develop more meaningful human relationships with each other.


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Factory Capabilities

Our factory capabilities are equipped for innovation, automation and smart-factory technologies to run a smooth and safe supply chain.
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Factory Of The Future Industry 4.0

Inspired by the factory of the future Global Cosmetics walks in hand with the latest technologies integrating Industry 4.0 systems on the production line.
Global Cosmetics Cosmetic Manufacturer Recreational areas - Social & Recreational Facilities

Social & Recreational Facilities

Global Cosmetics Facilities is located at our factory. There are several sport activities, recreational areas,and comfortable dormitories for all the staff.
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Production Process

Global Cosmetics production process is divided in 5 critical stages. From acceptance of raw material to delivery we assure a smooth cosmetic manufacture.

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