Our OEM ODM massage oil is manufacture to help improving specific conditions, used on aromatherapy or body massage for every kind of skin.  The main purpose of oils is to lubricate the skin in order to reduce friction while performing a massage. This helps in giving a smooth glide and easy work-ability to the skin surface. Other benefits include nourishing and acting as a base for aromatherapy. The different attributes in the different kinds of oils depend on how the oil spreads. Also, how easily it is absorbed and what are its moisturizing properties. Each oil has certain properties that can help improve specific conditions like dry skin, premature aging or eczema. 


There is a wide range of massage oil available as certain oils are designed to be used with specific techniques. However, there are other oils that can be used for any technique to support massage therapy, home massage or aromatherapy. Our formulations enhances the overall effects of the massage and make the experience more enjoyable. For instance we develop formulations depending on the kind of oil. Subsequently, it can be low viscosity, pure, highly absorbed, with pleasing odor and moisturizing. 

When considering the use of massage oil, it is important to keep an eye on the nature of the oil which can be in liquid, creams or solid, medicated/ none medicated, scented/unscented, pure or with additives. The choice of the type of oil depends on the part of the body that it would be applied to and also to the type of massage. During formulation, one of the most important things is to make sure that the product doesn’t cause allergies, skin problems or changes the skin’s pH.

Trend / Analysis

The global massage oils market demand is projected to expand 8.6% in the next 6 years according to Mintel. The numerous health benefits produce by massage, and the therapeutic and medical applications are increasing its demand. Unlike most of the traditional methods of medication, oils  have no major side effects. Therefore, is helping in promoting new health trends where consumers move towards natural and organic products. Also, aromatherapy is gaining prominence, especially among urban population, based on lifestyles and rising trends on social media. The shifting preference of consumers towards natural products manufactured with environmentally sustainable processes is stirring up the demand for all-natural formulations.

How we do it

Whether it is for massages at home or for therapeutic massages, our Oils allows all hands to glide over any skin with utmost ease. There are plenty of different oils to choose from, some can make the skin feel nourished while others have a moisturizing effect. Our expertise and knowledge about oil raw material and types of skin allow us to provide products that can be applied in different ways. We use the best raw materials under the latest sourcing techniques and our R&D and marketing team have the most updated knowledge about packaging and market trends to create a product that is natural ans useful.

Stages of product-manufacturing

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