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About us

Her Story

Before Global Cosmetics was a beauty manufacturing powerhouse, it was the dream of a young woman; founder Judy Lau. 


Through her dogged determination and relentless work ethic, she gathered knowledge and expertise. Then in an ultimate display of her core values, character, and faith, she returned home to share her love and experience with her own people. Taking the very best lessons from the west and incorporating the values of her own country she founded Global cosmetics in 2004 and never looked back. 


In an era where masculine leadership was prized, and females were rare, Judy dominated within the industry and became the modern example of excellence in business and a modern-day pioneer for female entrepreneurship.


Global cosmetics stands as a pioneer in ODM & OEM cosmetics manufacturing through the global leadership and family values of its founder and her teachings. Through character and faith, Global cosmetics will always stand for more than excellence in beauty products and as an OEM and ODM cosmetic manufacture, but as a leader in business and service for years to come.

About us

The Future

At Global cosmetics, we understand it is our commitment to our partnerships and their goals that separate us from the pack. Character, faith, and having fun. These are the values and principles that sustain Global Cosmetic’s competitive edge as an ODM and OEM cosmetic manufacturer to create a beautiful world. 


Our scientific-minded focus on quality high-end formulation shakes the status quo and creates great products. First and foremost however we know that behind every cylinder of lipstick, facial mask, and business deal there is a human being. Whether a team member or partner with us, our focus is to have fun and guide with expertise, character, and faith. As the son of Judy Lau, I am reminded always that the legacy of true humanity is in creating a beautiful world.


Whether it be in our processes, our services, and ultimately our products and partners we will always ground ourselves on the principles of Character and Faith. Because in the end, it is our mission to create beauty in this world and to make sure our clients and teams across the globe are understood, their voices are heard and help make your dreams a reality.

– Vice President of Global Cosmetics Group

Patrick Leung

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Our vision is to “Create a Beautiful World”

Mission & Values

Global Cosmetics provides timely service and quality products. We look to empower and inspire people through beauty and ultimately help your products and brand do the same.

We are here for all your business needs and questions.

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