Our OEM ODM Body Wash is manufacture with nutrient-rich raw materials such as amino acid, lactose, hazel extract, oils and fragrances under safe standards.  Body wash and shower gel are pretty similar. They’re both liquid cleansers that are used on cleansing the skin. The main difference lies in their texture, the shower gel tends to have a thinner consistency, which makes it better for warmer climates. Body washes are slightly more moisturizing than shower gels due to the content of emollients. When making body care products, we take skin problems seriously.  We work hard in order to make products that can be applied with safety without secondary effects.


Body wash and shower gels are generic terms used for liquid soap to clean the body during a shower. Body washes are popular because they offer quite a number of convenient benefits and have a wide variety of applications. Currently, body cleansers formulations go further with moisturizing properties, extra oils, scrubbing features, and natural essences. The number one advantage of using a body wash or shower gels is their versatility since they can be used also as shampoo or hand wash. Depending on the formulation and the ease of use as different packaging can be used either on-the-go or for home

Our Global Cosmetics ODM OEM Private Label or Bespoke Body Wash are different from body wash especially in terms of texture. While body wash is more like liquefied soaps in texture, shower gels have a gel like evenness. Both shower gel and body wash come with different fragrances and colors. Shower gels usually have a greater percentage of scent than body washes. Body Care products can be formulated with moisturizing and  exfoliating properties, added perfumes, oils, vitamins, and therapeutic additives. Moreover, each type of skin is different ranging from  oily, dry to sensitive skins. We look for body washes that contain gentle ingredients in order to cater for any type of skin. Your body deserves the right level of nourishing, we provide it for you.

Trend / Analysis

The global bath & shower products market is expected to reach USD 36.13B in the next 4 years. Witnessing a demand for products related to the improvement of living standards customers’ concern for safety regarding the ingredients. Natural ingredients in these products is driving the sales making them grow at a rate of 7%. Nowadays, consumers are seeking a healthier lifestyle and making more informed purchase decisions which promotes the use of natural ingredients in personal care products.

In the world of skin care where sweat, dirt, and oil are the biggest concerns, shower gel is becoming a fast and convenient option for a quick clean feel. People are looking for shower gels that hydrate the skin and include oils and moisturizers. Also, consumers are spending huge amounts of money on health and skin care. Urban consumers does high consumption due to the versatility and easy use of the product. 

How we do it

At Global Cosmetics we understand the current trend for liquid and semi-liquid body washes and shower gels. Our Global Cosmetics ODM OEM Private Label or Bespoke Body Wash are developed under the last R&D researches. Using the latest nutrient-rich raw materials such as amino acid, lactose, hazel extract, oils and fragrances giving a more relaxed experience while showering. We take the skin type into consideration to give the best results when applied on the skin. Moreover, we test each one of our formulas on the most and least common skin problems aiming to create a product that not only cleans the skin, but works on relaxing and nourishing it.


Stages of product-manufacturing

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