Journey to a plump, healthy, glass skin

Our OEM ODM skin care includes toner, sunscreen SPF, serum, moisturizer, facial sheet mask, exfoliate, cleanser, make up remover, oils and face masks. While doing skin care we focus on  sourcing organic raw materials. Also, we focus on meeting environmental requirements by introducing more holistic and innovative ideas. When working on formulations our laboratory develop creams, oils, multi-purpose or special formulas. Furthermore, we assure we match perfectly to the current market demand on innovations. On other hand, we create new beauty concepts seasonally to keep our customers on track with trends. We share our knowledge with you to develop fun and functional skin care products.

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A splash of glow for your skin

Skin toner or simply toner refers to lotion or wash designed to cleanse the skin. Sometimes also shrink the appearance of pores and it is usually used on the face. This is a great way to take any skin care routine to the next level. We focus on sourcing raw materials for every the skin type. Our RD department look after innovative formulations. Every toner we make is loaded with antioxidants, skin-restoring and skin-replenishing.  All our products make your skin look fresher, smoother, and hydrated.

Sunscreen spf

As fun as a trip to the beach

SPF is one of the most complex products to develop. Therefore, our R&D and our formulation laboratory are focused on creating sunscreen that takes care of the skin. We focus on skin protection, delivering a product that is based on skin color and melanin. Developing formulations designed specifically for different markets. Each SPF cream is made based on the age and sun condition while following the latest innovative trends. You can find shimmery, skin color types, organic oils and more. 

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An extra mile in the daily skin routine

Serum puts its magic touch acting as a lightweight moisturizer that penetrates the skin deeply. We know one product can’t make it all. Certainly, we need something to deliver active ingredients to the skin. Therefore, our serums combine concentrated formulas to get real results. From skin nourishing to wrinkle reduction this products provide strong results. Our creative team bring the latest discoveries regarding skin nutrition. It’s all about care, firmness and smoothness for any skin type.


The moisturizer is here to help anyone with dry skin and to prevent the skin from drying out again. At Global, we deliver products that give the right kind of moisture to each type of skin to help maintain its balance. At the same time, we look for formulations that can go the extra mile. We look to add natural sources on the formulation and create products that focus on treating skin problems. Our aim is to keep you flawless providing to each type of skin and every skin problem the treatment that it needs. 

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Global Cosmetics Private Label skin care products o83ea47pia2ezgau535q3a7ukomusjt5so2cvia20w - Skin Care

Multi-Purpose Products

A mix to a dramatic skin improvement

Multi Purpose skin care are products created to solve multiple problems or needs of the skin. From SPF creams to serums many of these products are created to have a mix among the raw materials. Therefore, it can have two or more purposes at the same time. Our laboratory focuses on the sourcing of the most innovative organic and natural materials. We focus on the right use of the products to ensure that you are using the right formulation to achieve real results. 

Facial Sheet Mask

Our facial sheet masks are magic on the go. These are made based on the latest trends and individual market needs. We have improved our mask sheet serum formulas and we also reached higher sourcing standards. Being conscious of the customer’s need when trying to save time on beauty routines. Our work on research leads us to develop sheet masks suitable to different face shapes and skin types. we look to provide better cosmetic solutions on the go.

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Good for the skin and the Earth.

Exfoliator have been one of the highlights during the past years thanks to the banning of microbeads. This issue made an impact on our last research and raw material sourcing. Now, at Global we are more conscious about the Earth and also about the materials used into our products. We work currently on manufacturing exfoliants that are natural, organic and innovative. 


Keeping the skin clean is a must at every age. Requiring products that are soft to the skin but tough to the dirt. Cleansers are our perfect blend as we work on cleansers of every kind including foams, waters, oils, clay or gels. Our formulations compel a long list of the latest raw materials and interesting ingredients. Therefore, it protect the skin while cleaning it. 

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Makeup Remover

Creating the perfect canvas.

Makeup removers made in pads or liquid are a necessity in today’s lifestyle. Giving to the skin the right treat after wearing makeup is the first step to a natural glowing face. Fast, safe and gentle to the skin our makeup removers are manufactured adding safe raw materials. Also,  our formulations can me done based on different types of skins. We focus on developing a remover that is good to the skin and suitable for long lasting or regular makeup.

Face Cream Mask

Our face is exposed to many external influences on daily basis. Whether is dry, oily, or combination type of skin, our creams provide high results. Every one of our products is manufactured to care, nourish and improve the skin. From mud to oils we have what you need to create a successful face cream mask. 

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Our Products

Our ODM OEM Gift Set is made for special occasions with unique products. Our sets are made to look attractive and designed to be given as a gift.
Our OEM ODM fragrances trends include organic raw materials, sustainable development, personalization, travel-size products and home perfume.
Our Color Cosmetics manufacture include foundation, eye makeup, cushion cream, blush, eye brow, skin complexion products, nail polish and remover.
Our OEM ODM skin care includes toner, sunscreen SPF, serum, moisturizer, facial sheet mask, exfoliate, cleanser, make up remover, oils and face masks.
Global Cosmetics Toiletries are personal care items used for hygiene or grooming. From body wash to spray shampoo our development practices are the highest.
Global Cosmetics is a cosmetic manufacturer specialized on lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balm and lip scrub with the latest technology.

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