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Global Cosmetics invested on the hardware and software to upgrade the warehouse barcode system by which allows perfect material identification and control. The unique bar code merge to our ERP system can eliminate the manual process and facilitate the inventory check and identification, and reduce human error.

The ERP database record the material information include date in, approve, release, in-store, and send alert for expiration

The material is identified by bar code label in the package throughout the production process

The warehouse is equipped with conveyor system for handling material in and out of warehouse, once confirmed correctly by bar code scanning. The storage location is ERP generated and controlled.


Sample Preparation: Includes Fluko and Primix homogenizers, IKA mixers.

Test Equipment to Establish Quality Standards: Brookfield viscometers, Sartorius pH meter, centrifuges, etc.

Formula Verification: Includes stability and compatibility testing and a cold cycle oven

Scientific Research Equipment: Nikon inverted microscope Eclipse TE-2000U-for observing emulsified particles.

Skin Testing and Usage Testing Equipment: Including subjective evaluation, patch test, and using instruments to analyze skin moisture, oil content, pigment and elasticity with a CK skin tester.


Employs state-of-the-art technique of Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Electro-deionization (EDI) to remove ions or electrolytes in potable water.

After the RO treatment, the water conductivity is controlled at below 4μS cm-1 (the higher residual electrolyte read, the higher conductivity).

The subsequent EDI treatment water have conductivity around 0.3μS cm-1.

The water conductivity standard requirement based on Europe pharmacopeia is 5.1μS cm-1, which our manufacturing water is far below conductivity and with higher purity.